Looking for something REAL?

When we are honest with ourselves and God, we begin to understand truth. Honest people want to keep it real. Religious sinners have so ruined the way many perceive God and have caused them to doubt His existence. Yet God still has a people willing to keep it real at any cost. This honest devotion produces closeness to God that creates inspiration to cure the honest skeptic.

Are you desperately hungering and thirsting for God? Are you striving to live a holy life in this wicked world? People are tired of “Christian” churches with no power or inspiration. Bible teaching and psychology can be a great benefit, but can not make up for the lack of inspiration and power to help people stop sinning. This is why we are loved by honest souls and unpopular with worldly churches. Yet, we love all and invite all to come and join genuine, modest Christians worship the only one worthy to be worshipped: almighty God.